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Prophetic Anointing Oil


The Prophet’s Oil are Christian makers of Holy Anointing Oil.   We produce a variety of anointing oils for healing, anointing oils for spiritual warfare,  different areas of need or blessing. By using any of The Prophet’s Oil anointing oils in prayer for any area related in your life, faith in God is activated to release the desires of your heart. There is a great need in the Body of Christ for access to anointing oil that is produced and blessed by Bible believing Christians. 

When a Believer prays and uses anointing oil, it is to activate the presence and power of God in the name of Jesus Christ. Every Child of God must be discerning about the background of the anointing oil and not just of the country where it is coming from. Many anointing oils from Israel are spiritually very dangerous.  It is increasingly common that believers are purchasing anointing oils created by witchcraft societies and occult organisations without realising it. Many people have been deceived into using different kinds of oils that open doorways to sickness, calamities, and bad news.  


The Prophet's Oil has prayerfully been used by God to solve this problem by only employing saved Believers in Jesus Christ. 

Each anointing oil from The Prophet’s Oil is made using specific fragrances that were used during bible times mixed with other robust spices creating a unique scent for each oil selection. Each anointing oil's fragrance beautifully memorable and long lasting.  Our anointing oils are hand poured and prayed over in the United Kingdom before they are sent all across the world.

Our aim is not just providing anointing oil, but also giving you access to biblical directions and prayer points. Every user of The Prophet's Oil can now be confident and spiritually secure by learning about how to pray effectively and how to release your faith for results through the use of the anointing oil. You will also find many prayer points here that can be used during the administration of the anointing oil. Whether you have a need, want to bless your children or are seeking to walk in your dominion mandate, there will be choice words of prayer here that can help you to pray effectively. 

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