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Deliverance Box

One Box, Five Anointing Oils

Are you looking for Anointing Oil for spiritual warfare, breakthrough and prophecy?

The Supernatural Prayer and Deliverance Box

Image by Sixteen Miles Out
Holy Bible
Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Are you looking for Anointing Oil Biblically Inspired made by Christian Makers?

Have you ever questioned where your Holy Anointing Oil is made?  The Prophet's Oil is created by Christian Makers. Many anointing oils coming from the Holy Land are made.  Consider the spiritual implications of holy products produced by cults marketing them to Christians!

“Amazing oil.  Love the smell and title that each oil represents.  Love the Scriptures that refer to what the oil stands for thus increasing your faith as you pray.

Ms Thomas, London

The Solution

Are you tired of using the olive oil out of your kitchen to anoint yourself?

The Prophet's Oil Anointing Oils each have their own beautiful fragrance. Using each unique fragrance at specific times empowers your prayer life.

Do you feel disconnected or like you are missed something when you pray?

Using anointing oil before, during and after your prayer time equips you focus on the Presence of God.

Do you want more of the anointing of God?

if you have more to give and you want to step into your calling in a new way, You need the Deliverance Box to use at any given time for prayer, deliverance, blessing, warfare, prophecy, healing, any ministry need you have.

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