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Powerful Prayers to Anoint Your Home

Do you need to do Spiritual House Cleaning or a New Home Blessing? It is essential to learn how to anoint and pray prophetic prayers over your home. As a Christian, you need to know how to use anointing oil to bless your house. When you move into a new home, it is necessary to cleanse the atmosphere. It is also important to routinely anoint and bless your dwelling place.

door to be anointed by oil
Prayers to anoint your home and door

Use Holy Anointing Oil to actually anoint strategic places in your home, including entrances, your property perimeter, windows and somewhere in each room. (Be mindful of where you anoint to avoid staining painted surfaces with oil.) Pray each of these prayers as you anoint your home in the Name of Jesus or by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Prophetic Prayers to Anoint Your Home

  • As I anoint my house today, I declare the atmosphere is sanctified. It is set apart for Your glory Lord Jesus.

  • I sanctify my house by the application of this anointing oil. It is anointed for Your use in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

  • I pray and overcome every bad atmosphere in my dwelling place.

  • I activate the angels of fire by night and the angels of the pillar of cloud by day over my house.

  • Fire of the Holy Spirit, raise a spiritual boundary over my house. I am covered, I am surrounded, I am protected.

  • By the anointing oil, I anoint every area of my house against every demonic point of contact. You are nullified by the Blood of Jesus.

  • I command all demonic tenants ruling in the spirit realm of my home to receive the Angel of Fire.

  • I arrest every attack on my dreams and sleep by the Blood of Jesus. I will sleep in peace and my rest will be sweet.

  • Holy Spirit, I invite you to dwell in my home. You are welcome. Take over the atmosphere.

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